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FIKISHA is now a Thrivent Choice Enrolled Organization

Thrivent Choice Dollars® directions can help FIKISHA. 

Are you a member of Thrivent Financial who’s eligible to direct Choice Dollars®

Choice Dollars charitable grant funds can make a world of difference to our organization as we work together to change the lives of outcast youth. By directing Choice Dollars, eligible Thrivent members recommend where they feel Thrivent should distribute a portion of its charitable grant funds. Directing Choice Dollars is easy. Simply go to to learn more and find program terms and conditions. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt.
Thrivent Choice® makes a meaningful impact

Choice Dollars® directions can help support FIKISHA. 

Think of the impact you—along with other eligible Thrivent members—can help make by directing Choice Dollars® to FIKISHA. The grant funding we receive from Thrivent Financial through this program can help us strengthen our mentoring team, provide more scholarships and so much more. 

Directing Choice Dollars is easy. Simply go to to learn more and find program terms and conditions. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt. Together, we can do even more to help strengthen communities and change lives. 

Urgent Needs

Hello friends,

Recently FIKISHA USA’s Executive Director Sam headed with his wife to visit the FIKISHA Kenya team. While they were there, among many things that were going on, they realized there was a significant financial need. The following items are needed as soon as possible to make this fall a success.

  • High School Fees for Two Boys: $425
  • School Supply Shopping Packages (34 students): $400
  • Office Rent: $150
  • Apprentice Apartment Rent: $25
  • Logistic Costs: $120
  • Students Bus Fares: $100
  • Program Days: $50
  • August Salaries: $500
  • Transfer Fee: $25

Total Need: $1,795

The hope that we have is that churches and individuals will be willing to take on a one or a few of these items. Even if you are not able to give, please pass on the story of FIKISHA to others so they can see what is happening.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28

If you are able to donate, please head to our website to donate. The link at the top right corner allows you to pay online with either a credit card or PayPal. If you have any other questions regarding the needs or how to donate, please contact Sam via email: We sincerely thank you in advance for all the prayers and support!

With love,


New Year- New Opportunities

Hi friends!

Over the past few months and years, a lot has gone on in the world of FIKISHA. There’s been a lot of learning, and tons of growth. So for 2014 here are a few recaps to make sure that you are all caught up on what is going on.

In August, VBS happened again and everyone had a blast as they focused on their theme: God is Everything!

ImageLater in the late summer, we were fortunate enough to receive a donation of computers! With that came a whole new adventure of learning to program and computer skills in general.

ImageThen, in the fall we were given a grant that allowed Alyssa to begin the endeavor that has been Project Invite Hope! This project not only is teaching the kids a new trade, stationary making, but also will generate sustainable funds.

ImageAlong with those big milestones there were also tons of fun things going on! With a pizza party, examinations, and another Kawangware Christmas; FIKISHA continued to stay busy in 2013! If you want to help out in making 2014 just as amazing of a year, check out to get more information or a direct link to donate. Don’t forget to check out Facebook (FIKISHA Kenya, FIKISHA USA, Invite Hope), Twitter (@fikishakenya, @fikishausa) or Instagram (fikishausapics) to stay up to date one all the latest FIKISHA happenings!

Pizza Party in Kenya

Pizza Party in Kenya

FIKISHA and some friends from the US got to share a pizza party this past October!! We would like to thank our generous donors who helped to make this possible!

Project Invite Hope

Hello Friends!

If you haven’t heard, FIKISHA was recently awarded a Burst Grant from Wheat Ridge Ministries. This grant comes as such a blessing as it will be used to spark the Invite Hope Project, a program that is focused on starting a small business that will help out the street youth. The business will involve the youth making wedding invitations out of recycled materials. Not only will this program generate funds that will help support the street youth, but it will also teach them valuable job skills. Everyone at FIKISHA is thrilled about this grant, and its impact on the youth. With this, kids will learn a new trade and hopefully find a creative outlet that brings them joy.

Within the next month Alyssa Safty, FIKISHA USA’s Creative Director, will be traveling to Nairobi to continue to work on the Invite Hope Project. She along with everyone else at FIKISHA is so grateful for this grant. We really just want to give a huge thank-you to Wheat Ridge Ministries for blessing us with this grant! If you are interested in ordering invitations or you have any questions regarding the Invite Hope Project please contact Alyssa Safty at Invite hope

Prayers for Nairobi

Dear friends,

Today’s blog is written with a saddened heart. As many of you are aware, on September 21st 2013 the Westgate Mall in Nairobi was a source of attack for a terrorist group. If you would like more information about the specifics this link has a good timeline for what happened.

However, today we should take a moment to remember those who lost their lives and pray for those devastated by this tragedy. We know that for those living in Nairobi, and over Kenya as a whole, must be terrified. Know that the city and country remain in the thoughts and prayers of many throughout the world, including those at FIKISHA. Whatever is needed: a hug, a conversation, a prayer, a friend; we will be there for you. Kenya is a strong country, and they will remain strong throughout this horrible time, but they still need to feel the support of others.

‘Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’ -Isaiah 41:10

For others around the world, remember what happened. Remember them in your prayers. In the meantime, love one another- hug your loved ones. Show God’s love to one another no matter what. It may be hard, and we know that there is frustration surrounding this event, but continue to choose love.

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”- John 13:34

In the next few days, weeks, and months we encourage you to continue to show support for Kenya. Understand that this is a national tragedy, and that there will be anger and sadness. But, express your support and love. No kind deed will go unnoticed.

“For everything there is a  season and a time for every matter under heaven.”- Ecclesiastes 3:1

CUI’s Love Project

Hello friends,

A few weeks ago, Concordia University- Irvine sent a team over to Kenya to help FIKISHA with a Love project. One of the team members, Alex, wrote about an experience he had while over there.


“Asante sana,” I tell Masai. He flashes me a smile and turns back to the opaque stream to fill up another bucket. Masai is a tall, lanky, 26 year old street boy. He knows enough English to answer a few basic questions and maybe have a quick conversation. But having little to no schooling affects his English as well as some social skills.

Masai has lived on the streets since he was ten years old. The slums of Nairobi are some of the largest and harshest of the world. Many of the young boys turn to sniffing glue so that they don’t have to be kept awake by their empty stomachs.

We walk the buckets back up to the work area. The construction crew is patiently waiting for the water to mix the cement. As we’re filling up the water barrel the cement mixers are pouring it on the mixture of rocks, sand, and cement. Masai leads the group back to the stream to refill our buckets.

Partnered with FIKISHA, our Love Project was to help fix up some classrooms and build a latrine for Siala-Kaila Primary school. The Love Projects are great because there is an emphasis on creating a relationship, not just physically doing the work. Masai and myself were helping in the classrooms lay down new cement. Masai was so eager to help and so willing to be there to bring more cement for us and mix the new cement.

We were blessed to be able to be a part of this project. We were blessed to physically be there with the workers and with the FIKISHA team. While we were waiting for our rides to come pick us up, Moses prayed for our group. Moses told us that earlier that morning during the FIKISHA group’s prayer, Masai mentioned he had been praying for change. He had been asking God to bring change to his life in some way. And I believe that that prayer was answered for Masai.Alex and MasaiThank you to Alex Bagnara for writing the piece, and Jessica Schrank for the pictures.


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