Having someone that cares can make all the difference.


Laying the Foundation

Last week I was traveling upcountry for a friend’s memorial service. As we waited for the bus, I noticed four street kids roaming freely in town. Every once in a while, they would approach a matatu, but before they could get close to it, the passengers would close the windows. None of the passengers would even dare look at them.

Then out of nowhere, they saw me. They came running and hugged me. The few friends with whom I was standing also got the unique hug – accompanied with the unique stench.

While I was trying to figure out who they were, they started telling stories of FIKISHA. They had been to the FIKISHA Rehabilitation Program more than once. We spent a short time together, laughing and talking. A person serving hot coffee came along and we each had a cup.

I asked them how many of their friends had been to FIKISHA and they said most of them. As we continued talking, three of them left while a friend I was traveling with was trying to engage them. Dennis, who was the oldest, didn’t leave. When I asked why he didn’t go with his friends, he told me he would rather sit and make friendship rather than try talking to people in town who didn’t want to talk with them.

Once our bus arrived, we hurriedly boarded it. Dennis and his friends promised to visit us again at the program. The friends who I was traveling with were very impressed and also said they would attend one of our program days.

– Moses Aboka, Operations Director


Life is hard for street kids. Not only are they struggling to survive, but they often face the hardship of human rejection. This is why the FIKISHA team exists, to show them that people care.

Twelve years old, in jail, but not alone.

A story about Sylvia and Zainabu.

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Twice a month, FIKISHA makes a visitation to Dagoretti Children’s Remand Centre. This is a detention centre for girls serving jail terms for petty offenses. It’s one of 11 remand centres that we have in Kenya and the 2nd one for girls only.

During our visitations, we conduct activities that provide the children with guidance and social support. Once in a while, we also reach out to local organizations to provide sanitary towels for them.

Last week we had an amazing time with the girls. We sang songs and played games. It was definitely a fun moment at the centre. The fun mood could be felt and seen on everyone’s face, except Zainabu*. Unlike the others, she was seated silently with her hands supporting her head as if she was about to fall asleep.

Sylvia, who is one of our volunteers, noticed her and after the program, they had a short conversation. Zainabu hails from the coastal area of Kenya and speaks Strong Swahili, which differs from the dialect spoken in Nairobi. This definitely differentiates her from the crowd. Whenever she talks, half of the class would be left laughing and half-imitating what she had just said.

She said how she missed home and her friends. When Sylvia asked Zainabu if they had ever visited her, she shook her head and tears started rolling down her cheek.

Sylvia is known to be a very warm person. She proved that again by offering Zainabu a warm hug and promising her that she’ll be her friend and will be visiting frequently.

After a quick check with the administration, we learned that Zainabuhas been in the centre for one month, and is yet to serve two more years away from home. She’s only 12 years old.

– Moses Aboka, Operations Director

Being far from home is always unsettling, but is even more difficult when there’s nothing you can do to get back. For now, Zainabu will remain in the center, but with the FIKISHA Team, she won’t be alone.

This is a beautiful example of a simple act making a big difference in the hearts of a young person. This is why we do what we do. 

Biggest Giving Day in History?


We have a day for shopping and cyber deals, but what about a day for giving? This #GivingTuesday aims to be the BIGGEST day of giving EVER! Yes, they are going for a Guinness World Record!

Last year, more than 30,000 organizations in 68 countries came together to celebrate #GivingTuesday. Since its founding in 2012, #GivingTuesday has inspired giving around the world, resulting in greater donations, volunteer hours, and activities that bring about real change in communities. We invite you to join the movement and to help get out the give this December 1.

EVERY Donation matters:

$15 – 1 week of boarding school with meals and housing

$25 – Meal for our Rehab Program (2x/week)

$40 – Street Scholar Pack
(Play clothes, shoes, school books, Christmas gift)
We have 37 Scholars! 

Our #GivingTuesday Goal is $3,000! FIKISHA can start the school year off right with your help, just click here. Close your eyes and imagine handing your gift personally to former street youth like Paul (below). May you have a beautiful holiday season.

Paul christmas

“A smile is the most important thing in your wardrobe.”
Do you shop on Amazon? Does peanut butter go with jelly?
Since you’re going to shop, make sure your purchase makes a difference. By making FIKISHA your Amazon Smile choice, Amazon will give .5% of your purchase to help street youth in Nairobi.
Click here to influence change every time you shop, and here if you still have questions.

You can always give online at www.fikisha.org/help or by making a check out to FIKISHA and mailing it to:

FIKISHA, 1530 Concordia W., Irvine, CA 92612

Update from Kenya – Sept 16th


This is Sam writing from Kenya! I’m here with Alyssa and we wanted to give a quick update our of time here.

We arrived safely Sunday night and have been spending time with the the FIKISHA Kenya team. On Tuesday Alyssa and Frank led the Program for Street Youth and taught on the fruits of the Spirit. On Wednesday morning we were able to visit the University of Nairobi as we are hoping to recruit volunteers from there. Everyone is doing well and we are looking forward to the arrival of Jamie and Chicky from Boy With A Ball Global and Costa Rica as they arrive Wednesday evening. We will be training with them over the next couple of days and then we will celebrate Moses’ wedding on Sunday!

Please keep us, the training, and Moses and his Fiance, Mitchel (pronounced “Michelle”), in your prayers over the coming days.


God Bless,


Join and Thrive! Thrivent Choice Announcement

Thrivent email banner

FIKISHA is now a Thrivent Choice Enrolled Organization

Thrivent Choice Dollars® directions can help FIKISHA. 

Are you a member of Thrivent Financial who’s eligible to direct Choice Dollars®

Choice Dollars charitable grant funds can make a world of difference to our organization as we work together to change the lives of outcast youth. By directing Choice Dollars, eligible Thrivent members recommend where they feel Thrivent should distribute a portion of its charitable grant funds. Directing Choice Dollars is easy. Simply go to Thrivent.com/thriventchoice to learn more and find program terms and conditions. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt.
Thrivent Choice® makes a meaningful impact

Choice Dollars® directions can help support FIKISHA. 

Think of the impact you—along with other eligible Thrivent members—can help make by directing Choice Dollars® to FIKISHA. The grant funding we receive from Thrivent Financial through this program can help us strengthen our mentoring team, provide more scholarships and so much more. 

Directing Choice Dollars is easy. Simply go to Thrivent.com/thriventchoice to learn more and find program terms and conditions. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt. Together, we can do even more to help strengthen communities and change lives. 

Urgent Needs

Hello friends,

Recently FIKISHA USA’s Executive Director Sam headed with his wife to visit the FIKISHA Kenya team. While they were there, among many things that were going on, they realized there was a significant financial need. The following items are needed as soon as possible to make this fall a success.

  • High School Fees for Two Boys: $425
  • School Supply Shopping Packages (34 students): $400
  • Office Rent: $150
  • Apprentice Apartment Rent: $25
  • Logistic Costs: $120
  • Students Bus Fares: $100
  • Program Days: $50
  • August Salaries: $500
  • Transfer Fee: $25

Total Need: $1,795

The hope that we have is that churches and individuals will be willing to take on a one or a few of these items. Even if you are not able to give, please pass on the story of FIKISHA to others so they can see what is happening.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28

If you are able to donate, please head to our website fikisha.org to donate. The link at the top right corner allows you to pay online with either a credit card or PayPal. If you have any other questions regarding the needs or how to donate, please contact Sam via email: Sam@fikisha.org. We sincerely thank you in advance for all the prayers and support!

With love,


New Year- New Opportunities

Hi friends!

Over the past few months and years, a lot has gone on in the world of FIKISHA. There’s been a lot of learning, and tons of growth. So for 2014 here are a few recaps to make sure that you are all caught up on what is going on.

In August, VBS happened again and everyone had a blast as they focused on their theme: God is Everything!

ImageLater in the late summer, we were fortunate enough to receive a donation of computers! With that came a whole new adventure of learning to program and computer skills in general.

ImageThen, in the fall we were given a grant that allowed Alyssa to begin the endeavor that has been Project Invite Hope! This project not only is teaching the kids a new trade, stationary making, but also will generate sustainable funds.

ImageAlong with those big milestones there were also tons of fun things going on! With a pizza party, examinations, and another Kawangware Christmas; FIKISHA continued to stay busy in 2013! If you want to help out in making 2014 just as amazing of a year, check out http://fikisha.org/ to get more information or a direct link to donate. Don’t forget to check out Facebook (FIKISHA Kenya, FIKISHA USA, Invite Hope), Twitter (@fikishakenya, @fikishausa) or Instagram (fikishausapics) to stay up to date one all the latest FIKISHA happenings!