Meet Johnny


Meet Johnny. Johnny is a street youth participating in FIKISHA’s Program Days. He doesn’t know anything about his family or even how old he is. He started living on the streets when he was a little kid. He also began using drugs then. He sleeps on the streets. He eats from the trash of the streets. He’s never been to school.

FIKISHA is working to change that. We want Johnny to live in a house. We want him to sleep in a comfortable bed. We want him to eat nutritious food and to learn how to write his name. We even want him to have a job one day.

Because we know Johnny is capable of all these things and deserves them.

Johnny has never been late to a rehabilitation session. He likes to draw and is a fantastic dancer!

Street life is for the strong, but the drugs have made Johnny weak. He can’t protect himself against danger and some of his friends have already been killed. This is why we’re looking into enrolling him in a drug rehabilitation center.

Until then, will you join with us in praying for Johnny? That God will continue to protect him and provide for him as he continues to take steps towards transformation.


For more of Johnny’s story with additional pictures, visit FIKISHA Kenya’s Facebook Page.



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